thomasvought (thomasvought) wrote in gaidai,

Mario Master

I wrote this in Zen Buddishm.

Mario Master

Bitch! I'm the Mario Master!
You can't beat me
I'm so much faster
an I'll break you like Mario
breaks the blocks
I'll have you jumping
on my cock
Have you ever been to
Negative One?
Well I beat that shit
killed it, it's done
Beat down Bowser like a
lil' punk
Then had Toodstool ridin
on my junk
I know the secrets
I earned my stripes
Just like Mario I'm all about the pipes
smokin' tokin' rollin in the joints
runnin' jumpin' addin up the points
You got no skillz this shit is NES
my game is gold, I'm obviously the best
Me and Mario-- Ghetto Thug is how we roll
got bitches sliding down our flag poles
but I don't need no Magic Mushrooms to make me big
I'm fucking hardcore
I'll snap you like a twig
Bling-Bling Mother Fucker I'll toss you some coin
I don't need it, the world is mine
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